Company profile

Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia

Australia Flourish Group

AUF is located at Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia, which has years of experiences in property development and marketing sales. AUF has kept the development trend of high speed and stability and step into the large-scale stage of development.

AUF involved in the field of real estate projects development, the development of investment programs, the development of realty sales and lease projects, the project planning, trust loan service, lawyer’s service, asset integration, overseas study immigrants and other professional services. AUF is one of the top property companies in Melbourne CBD, its main residential building projects are including the Melbourne area’s starred apartment, luxury villas and land projects. Our company also provide one to one investment program for investors to ensure that they can get the maximum value-added asset return.

We have professional property investment strategists. All approved properties are carefully selected by our group, then negotiations in advance with developers so can accurately ensure to bring what the investors expected. Furthermore, based on our established brand and large investor network, many of the best investment opportunities are available to provide to the investors. We assist investors to satisfy with all their self-living and their property investment needs.

On the other hand, AUF has senior registered migration agents, professional consulting experts for immigration and overseas study and investment consultants. With years of working experience in this industry, we have handled thousands of immigration and overseas study cases, which include some difficult cases. Nowadays, AUF has created its own brand image and achieved high reputations in overseas study and immigration industry.