Join us

1. Full time: Sales Manager (2 available positions)

* 1-year industry experience, sales performance in line with FPG internal evaluation;
Tasks and responsibilities

Command staff according to the company plans to carry out sales, marketing and other activities;

* Lead the team to complete the company’s assigned tasks and goals;

* Effectively analyze the company’s past and past sales performance

* Promptly and effectively handle all kinds of unexpected situations in the transactions of houses.

If you have

* In the real estate industry in Melbourne for more than 1 year

* Experience and ability to lead the sales team

2. Part-time/internship: Sales Representative

If you have

* The work is serious and responsible, positive attitude, enthusiasm for learning new knowledge and new things, the face of customer consultation with confidence and patience.

* Good communication skills, able to establish good relations with customers, be good at communication, sincerely treat customers

* Love the real estate industry, with the ability to withstand pressure and face challenges

* Good executive ability, team spirit

* Fluent in both Chinese and English, legal documents and contracts

* Australian real estate sales certificate is preferred

We provide you

* Valuable work experience

* Company fully meet the needs of the team

* Career path to senior management

* Work with many elites, good working environment